The Valkerie (Valkyrie) is a super sonic expiremental aircraft built by North American Avionics. This bomber paved the way for later stealth bombers like the B-1 Lancer and the B-2 Spirit. The XB-70 may not have been the most Successful aircraft but it sure left an impact.\

Description Edit

The XB-70 was an exiremental Strategic supersonic bomber meant to carry nuclear munitions in the Cold war. The Valkerie was designed in 1954 and 3 examples where produced in 1961 for testing. The bomber helped test the high altitude strategic bombing strike over europe and asia. The aircraft's design was crucial in supersonics research though the physical aircraft themselves acheived little. the Valkerie flew few flights in the 60s and suffered from structural,mechanical,electrical, and computer malfunctions, including a midair collision and several crashes and many emergency landings. The aircraft eventually acheived mach 3 (3714 mph) in 1966, though the honey comb panels didnt work well with that, another problem. In 1968, the trouble some XB-70 was finally retired and where sent to Wright Patterson AFB for display. This aircraft helped design aircraft like the B-1 and several more, but it still had a very troubled story in its 7 year service as a supersonic expiremental test plane.

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Photos Edit


A formation including the XB-70 before mid-air collision.

Xb70 crash

After the crash. The white trainer plane is destroyed and the XB-70's left tail is blown off. 1 casualty.

XB-70 at o

XB-70 at operational ceiling.


In Flight

Xb70 2

Landing requires Parachute.


The rear view showing the super powerful 6 supersonic engines. very troublesome.