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Taking the 26th spot, The VM-T Atlant is very little known attempt by Soviet Russia to produce an alternative to super heavy cargo lifters like the Super Guppy and Airbus Super Transporter Beluga. I was designed in 1978 off of the M-4 Moto bomber also built by russia. The Atlant provided the inspiration for the Buran program lifter (Soviet space shuttle).

Description Edit

The VM-T (Vladmir Myasischev- Transport) was built by Myasischev to help officially transport Space vehicle parts, and was much larger than the M-4 Moto with its huge bulging cargo compartment. Vladmir Myasischev designed it in 1978 to transport rockets and space station parts to cosmodromes across Russia and where somewhat successful. Soon the 2 that where built where replaced by the An-225 Myira in 1989 ending an 11 year service. On several occasions the entire space shuttle Buran was mounted on top of the aircraft to be flown long distances. One survives now, ready to take flight in emergency. The VM-T could carry 110,200 Ib of cargo, it had four powerful Turbojet engines, though it could only fly at 311 mph even without cargo.

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Photo Edit

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Artwork depicting the Buran space shuttle atop the VM-T

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Vm 4

The largest capacity the Atlant can carry. note that this configuration requires parachute upon landing.

Vm 5

the Atlant displays it' impressive lifting power!

Vm 6

A Vm-T upon takeoff