47th largest aircraft: The U-2 "Dragon Lady" is a high altitude reconnassaince aircraft designed by Lockheed Martin that has primarily been used by the U.S. Air force.


The U-2 (or Dragon Lady) is a single engined aircraft that can fly at altitudes of up to 71,000 feet and does missions such as sensor research, satellite calibration, & "Spy" missions. The U-2 is best known for it's long wings and even though it is not as well known as it's supersonic brother the Black Bird, it can be just as capable and is still in service as of 2014 and has recently been assigned to NATO operations and also serves with the RQ-4 Global Hawk. Also unlike the Black bird, one U-2 was shot down, but production remained. The U-2 is also a beautiful and graceful aircraft to look at, which is a design that makes a large and cumbersome aircraft fly fast and well, but you need to be an expert pilot to fly it, and to operate it's huge cameras attached to survey or spy on the enemies, and now one or two decommisioned U-2's fly at airshows spreading the word about this aircraft. Now the U-2 is better equipped than ever and has an arsenal of missiles and other weapons to fight back, because this old bird can still be usefull in many ways!

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The Maritime submarine detection modification.


U-2 on take off.