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The Tupolev-95 Bear was Russia's 4-engined turboprop strategic strike bomber, like America's B-52 Stratofortress, it was used in nuclear and conventional roles. It entered service in 1957 and is expected to last until 2040.

Description Edit

The Tu-95 bear was developed by Tupolev because they realized in 1952, that Soviet Russia faced destruction from B-52 bomber missile platform, so they decided to make a similar, prop driven aircraft. The Bear's NK-12 engines had each 2 contra rotating propellers and swept back wings, all break throughs then, and it helped the Bear keep up with the fighter fleet. After some rough bumps in testing, the aircraft first flew in 1956, and helped Russia gain more cold war fear factor. It could fly at up to 400 mph to a range of 7,800 miles and carry 11 whole tons of bombs to destroy targets conventionally with carpet bombing or using nuclear missiles. Luckily, like the B-52, the nuclear missiles where never used, the Tu-95 was sure feared by the US at the time. The TU-116 is an airliner version and there was several other versions as well. Russia, Ukraine, and Kazhakastan still use the TU-95 as their reliable bomber. The Tu-95 is expected to serve for much longer to serve as one of the world's best bombers.


Photos Edit

Tu 1

In flight

Tu 2

Refueling with an IL-76.

Tu 4

TU-95 Bear takeoff

Tu 45

The bear side view

Tu 6

On the ground showing off it's 2 rows of contra rotating propellers.

Tu 7

The TU-95 is known for it's agility.