The TU-160 Blackjack is the 16th largest aircraft and is a Soviet sweep wing supersonic strike bomber. It is the world's largest direct-combat aircraft, largest supersonic capable aircraft and largest swept wing aircraft, EVER! Many records go to the Blackjack although it sees little combat service.

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The TU-160s 4 engines are some of the most powerful ever built for atmospheric travel and the TU-160 is also the last strategic bomber for the Soviet Union, first flown in 1981 and still serves. The TU-160 was built to match the B-1 Lancer US Bomber and that it did, but was not as successful and saw limited action. The plane was troublesome in the test phases like all soviet aircraft but eventually made it to the service with many upgrades. It is a strategic missile strike bomber able to strike targets before it gets to danger zones, a tactic repeated across the world since and can also bomb conventionally in emergencies. The Blackjack did several launches of missiles into enemy countries but so far the TU-160 has just barely scratched it's true potential. At 1,380 mph, the TU-160 flies very fast, so almost no AA guns can shoot it and few missiles can hit it, and it can 88,65 pounds of bombs and still fly at max speed. The TU-160 is expected to serve well into the 21st century.


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In Flight

160n 3

A TU-160 Blackjack soars above the clouds.

160b 4

Take off

160 g



Landing requires parachute.