The TU-16 in flight.

46th largest aircraft:   The TU-16 Badger built by Tupolev is a 1960's soviet era strategic bomber, which served for up to 18 years.


The TU-16 or Badger was made by Tupolev due to a demand from the Soviets for a strategic bomber and out came this aircraft which was outstanding in most ways. The TU-16 served in many places and many variants have been built such as one doing the first nuclear tests inside China. The demand for these bombers was so great because they needed a bomber to enter into the jet age and fly long-range, and it did just that, with different new options such as a tanker, and reconnaissance bomber versions. It was still used rarely by Russia, after the fall of the Berlin wall and near the end of service, a few of these birds got sold to Egypt, and Iraq, then they were put out of service. Now they serve as museum peices, but also as a significant reminder of significant and wonderful airpower as these bombers brang the hurt with all the new tech!


A retired museum Iraqi TU-16.

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