Short plane

A Heavylift airlines Belfast.

The Short Belfast is a heavy lift British aircraft with 4 turboprop engines. In its time of production being 1964-1968 it was britain's largest aircraft and they made 10 aircraft maximum. 5 where used as strategic airlifters for the RAF and the others where used for civilian airlifting.

Description Edit

The Short aircraft company realized Britian needed a new 4 engined airlifter like Russia's AN-12 and C-130 Hercules, so they designed one in 1963. The Short belfast entered Military and Civilian service in 1964 and could carry 200 troops or 180,000 pounds of cargo. though it wasn't as effective as the 2 aircraft it was based on, it still was used up until 1968 on several missions. It could have 1 or 2 decks for cargo, usually 1 deck for larger loads. Nowadays only 1 is serving still, and operates as a civilian airlifter and another is at the RAF museum. The Belfast may not be Britain's finest aviation acheivement but it sure has acheived the spot of 32nd largest overall airplane. The top speed was clocked at 241.5 mph.

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Photos Edit

Bel 2


Bel 3

The RAF version

Bel 4

The Belfast "Eucladaus" in the RAF museum.

Raf 5

One of the original aircraft

Raf 6

The rear cargo bay.


The RAF version in flight.