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The Mcdonnal Douglas MD-11 was a trijet Built to replace the DC-10 and to compete with the L-1101 Tristar. The MD-11 was wide body and medium to long range and also took away the need for a flight maintenance operator.

Description Edit

The MD-11 is not used in the passenger role any more after 2008, but it serves widely in the Cargo role. The MD-11 was put into service in 1988 and still serves today though production ceased in 2000. The MD-11 was a leap in size of Mcdonnel's aircraft and helps the commercial air industry with huge cargo sales with over 200 aircraft built. The MD-11 suffered from engine drag as it's main problem but the max speed of 587, was reached when upgrades where put in place and the aircraft can now hold 32 LD2 of Cargo. The MD-11 even had a conglomerate model with Boeing and several military models including a mid air USAF refueling aircraft called the KC-10 Extender. The MD-11 was one of the most well known Trijets though it never really served to the full capacity of it's DC-10 counterparts and the L-1101.


Photos Edit

MD 1

The Saudi Arabia Cargo Md-11

MD 2

VARIG MD-11 landing

MD 3


MD 4

A Skylease Cargo MD-11

MD 34

A Swiss MD-11