The Lun (Harrier) Ekranoplan was built by Rostislav as a Navy strike ship and is not really a proper aircraft but it does lift off the ground, so it is on here and of course, it has wings.

Description Edit

In 1987 the Ekranoplan (or "Duck") was implemented into the Soviet navy and retired in 1996 and now sits unused, serving little and seeing little action. The craft had 4 turbojet engines to provide lift for maximum speed and carrying capabilities and usually carried 6 "mosquito" missile launchers on it's back to strike huge air fleets in the event of attack, and the MD-160, the only example ever made never really had any action though it did provide inspiration for other aircraft. The Lun could lift 16 feet off the ground, almost not considered flight, though this was intended. The Lun Ekranoplan didn't serve much use though until 1996, it was a working moving flying boat and many say, if the Ekranoplan was in war and mass produced, the Soviet Union's enemie's fleets would be easily crushed! A similar Soviet aircraft is the KM caspian seas monster.


Photos Edit


A Lun gliding through the water.


Ready for take off in the 1980s.


Showing off it's 6 mosquito missile launchers.


A better view of where the Lun Ekranoplan sits today...