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The L-1101 (L-1011) is Lockeheed's best tri-engined aircraft and it's second best airliner, but it also earned a spot as 22nd largest aircraft. One of the best three engined designs ever actually, and has served since 1970 and still is in limited service in cargo and research development.

Description Edit

Lockheed's 1970s entry into the widebody category became the L-1101 Tristar in 1971, named for it's 3 engines.Through 1970 to 1985 the Tristar served as one of the best airliners for domestic service and over 250 where produced.The Tristar helped mainly to secure Lockheed in the Japanese market and can still be found most commonly there. The last Tristar as an airliner in the US retired in 1992 and since only Japan and a few other companies operate them. The Tristar could get up to 400 passengers and travel at up to 630 mph, incredibly fast, even today! The Tristar may cease to operate in the immediate 10 years, but it earned its place in 70s and 80s nostalgia and air travel.

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Photos Edit


A Caledonian Airlines L-1101 in flight.


Classic late 70s mid air photo of the L-1101 Tristar.


A Faucet Peru L-1011 on the ground.


An entire cutaway of the Tristar.

AL 7

1 of the last Tristars, operated by ATA.


The Lockheed L-1011 Tristar logo indignia.