The standard JADF C-1 transport in flight.

46th largest aircraft: The Kawasaki C-1 is a large Japanese cargo plane commisioned in 1969, it remains in service today.


​The C-1 was first built in 1968 to replace it's world war II transporters and go into the jet age. Adapted by the Japanese Air Defense Force (JADF) and still remains in service but awaits a successor (the C-2) .  The C-1 is somewhat small in comparison to other cargo lifters such as the C-5 Galaxy and the C-130 , but it can hold a decent load and go a good distance to transport it, also, there are many variants of the C-1. Variants include the museum XC-1 pototypes, the C-1A mediumrange version, the EC-1 training transport,the C-1FTB test bed aircraft, the C-1 Asuke QSTOL short take of and landing (STOL) transport, and new aerial minelayers. many variations are given to this aircraft that has served Japan  well!  

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The C-1 on the ground.