Km 1

The KM Caspian Sea Monster, derived from the Lun Ekranoplan, was made by CHDB for Naval engagements.

Description Edit

The KM Caspian Sea Monster had 8 engines and a massive body. In 1964 the only example was made and finished in 1965 and helped patrol the Soviet seas. The only way we know of it is because classified files where released and US spies saw it. Until the An-225 it was the largest aircraft besides the H-4 Hercules. It could cruise at a speed of 247 mph because it was limited to about 20 meters off the ground and is just barely clasified as an aircraft. It was tested for about 15 years until it crashed and sunk dew to pilot error, seeing no action in war. It may not have been very useful, but was useful for waterfoil research. This aircraft starts the countdown to top 5 largest aircraft.


Photos Edit

Km 2

A US Spy photo

Km 3

The incredibly rare close up shot of the KM CSM.

Km 4

A cleaned and smoothed out 3D model of the KM Caspian sea monster.