The KC-135 is an in air refueling tanker able to carry 200 thousand pounds of fuel to refuel F-22s, F-18s, B-52s, P-3s and more. It is a remodeled Boeing 707 with much more upgraded engines. It happens to be the most advanced 707 variant.Also, the Boeing 707 can fit here in the 33rd spot, thought the KC-135 is a bit larger and heavier.


In desert storm and the Vietnam war, there was extensive need for refueling while flying, so why not convert the 50s and 60s most reliable airliner into an mid flight refueling aircraft, and the KC-135 was born. In 1958 it entered service and are expected to fly until 2040. Many upgrades have since been applied including new turbo fans to provide quicker takeoff and a larger Computer programmed refueling pod. The KC-135s serve with the Extenders. The aircraft have been delivered to over 12 counrries including Turkey,Singapore, and chile. Lately the KC-135 have been used for airlifting lately though its first job is still the primary function. The KC-135 can accelerate to 530 miles per hour, rise to 50,000 feet and costs 40 million dollars, certainly worth it. The KC-135 has served a worth Service length since from the 1950s and has saved many lives and the aircraft will serve for over 20 more years as the military's 3rd main mid flight refueling plane. The KC-135 serves alongside the KC-10 Extender.

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Photos Edit


One of the original KC-135


A stratotanker on the ground


A KC-135 with fueling line extended


The F-18 Hornets Blue Angels Stunt team refueling


A KC-135 With AF F-16 refueling