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The Strategic Airlifter the Il-76 Candid was designed by the Ilyushin corporation in 1967 and became one of the most recognizable Russian aircraft of the Soviet era. Then aircraft still serve and are basically Russia's C-130 Hercules!

Description Edit

Designed in 1967 and first flown in 1971, the Candid became Russia's best airlifter and has been made into many versions like an AWACS version and a mid air refueling version. It has been used in the military with defense gun turrets and in commercial aviation service. Though they have not been produced since 1991 all IL-76s are expected to serve until 2030. Now the Candid is used by Saudi Arabia, China, India, Angolia, Algeria,Armenia, Azerbaijan, NATO, Belarus, Cuba, the Congo, Burkino Faso, Cambodia, Guinea, Georgia(Country), Hungary, Iran, Iraq,Jordan, Kazakhastan, Kyrgystan, Laos, Latvia, Laos, Libya, Mali, Moldova,North Korea, Serba, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan,Ukraine, the UN,United Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and even the US! A truly widely used and profitable aircraft. The Il-76 serves in duties ranging from fire sighting to mapping, and cargo to Bombing, and even Engine Test bed. The Il-76 can accelerate to 540 mph with its 4 turbo fan engines providing a good range of 2,670 miles. So far, The Il-76 has a bright future to add to its already successful 48 year past.

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Photos Edit

Il 2

A show of the Candid's powerful takeoff.


A modern civilian Il-76 airlifter.

IL 4

Takeoff run

Il 5

The American IL-76 Candid.

Il 76

The cutaway of the IL-76's cargo bay and fuel tanks.

Il 6

A modern Russian IL-76