The Hindenburg (LZ 129) is the largest flying object ever made by Humanity (excluding Spacecraft), and was a Nazi Germany Dirigible Airship. The Hindenburg was a passenger airship able to carry many passengers, and one of the most infamous and mysterious air accidents was the explosion and destruction of the Hindenburg.

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The craft was built by the Zeppelin company and was proposed to be the biggest Airship ever known. In 1931 it was built and successfully tested, it is the oldest on this list and ironically the oldest. It flew for 6 years making huge propaganda success. The Hindenburg was named for the 1934 president of Germany. The Hindenburg had 16 gas bags to help it fly and was filled with Hydrogen gas (highly explosive) and and lower decks housed maintenance, the lounge, bridge and passenger cabins. There was seperate smoking lounge that was heavily armored so no Hydrogen can catch fire. The Hindenburg could carry up to 72 passengers in 1st class style. The Hindenburg was used by the Nazis when no war tensions where there and many flights where done where the Airship would fly between the Atlantic and that it did. In the Fall of 1947 it was on a flight to New Jersey across the Atlantic with over 68 passengers on board and 61 crew adding to 129 people. The Hindenburg for no apparent reason while trying to mourn to a mast for landing, the ship bursts into flames, many theories include a smoker, a projectile, lightning, and even aliens, after all it was raining then. The Hundenburg disaster was the last time airships would fly with Hydrogen and then there had to be Helium which limited the airships to small size ("blimps"). 35 people died and the other luckily jumped, some passengers jumped in flames and died on the ground as the ship burst into flames and was only a metal frame by the end, one of the worst disasters in Early aviation, the last of the Great airship disasters. With it's 6 engines it could fly at a steady 85 mph passing ocean liners easily. The Hindenburg left it's mark on society, and now many people consider this accident a good lesson learned.

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Photos Edit

Hindenburg Disaster Real Footage (1937) HD

Hindenburg Disaster Real Footage (1937) HD

Real footage of the Actual 1937 TV broadcast hours after the disaster.

Fi 1

Rare color photo of the explosion.

Hi 2

The LZ 129 in its hangar

Hi 3

The true huge size of the Hindenburg.

Hi 4

The result of the Hindenburg.

Hi 6

After the crash the next day.

Hi 7

Color art of what the Hindenburg was built for.

Hi 8

Over London

Hi 9

A diagram of the Blimps's history and construction.

Fi 7

The Emblem of the Hindenurg.


A peice of the hindenburg.


The Hindenburg's Dining room colored with photoshop.


Also a colored picture of the original lounge.