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The H-4 hercules (famously knwon as "Spruce Goose") was Howard Hughe's best aircraft and was engineered as the world's largest aircraft for over 20 years and is America's largest aircraft and the aircraft holding the longest wingspan. The aircraft was built in 1947 and was a huge breakthrough.

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In 1942, famous shipbuilder, Howard Hughes decided to make a flying boat. It would by a Liberty ship to haul freight over the Atlantic and it became the only aircraft design in the WWII that could carry Main battle tanks. The Plane could go over the U-boat threat and saving many lives and help the war effort. He got 18 million dollars to develop the prototype.The plane was originally supposed to be built in 10 months but it took 5 years to build it, and it never saw service, a severe dissapointment for Hughes' aircraft. The Spruce Goose flew in 1947 for 1 minute and for an unkown reason, Hughes locked up in A hangar never to fly again, well, at least it flew, right? It flew at about 70 ft off the ground but could have gone to an amazing 20,900 feet! The Aircraft has since been found is now in a Museum in Oregon, USA and is one of the greatest (non-disaster) mysteries. The Spruce goose could fly to 250 mph and could fly at a range of 3,000 miles, all while being able to carry up to 400,000 pounds of cargo. It is a shame the aircraft never went into full service.


Photos Edit

H4 2

Ready to fly

H4 5

The Hercules where it was found. The Spruce goose is actually mad of 89% Birch.

H4 4

The last taxi to Oregon.

Spruce goose

The H-4 In the Oregon air museum.

H4 3

The H-4 actually flying, about 70 feet above the ground.

H4 6

The super powerful 4-engines ready to fly!!!! even today.