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The XB-35.

42nd largest aircraft:  The flying wing was actually two different aircraft that are only centimeters difference so they actually hold the same place. The two variants are the XB-35 and the YB-49.


The XB-35 was made by Northrop Grumman by a request for an expiremental heavy bomber. Unlike the YB-49 this aircraft had prop engines, four of them, and the name says it all, they look like an airplane without a body, just the wings! A lot of work was put into this plane, $66 million to be exact, it was said that this was the future look for everything, and the idea of the flying wing was actually a pretty good one then. But, soon the program went down, due to a huge budget, huge technical engine failures and and huge design issues, essentially the flying wing was ahead of it's time...$66 million down the drain, none survive today, but the design was still good for the time.


The YB-49 was a redemption attempt for it's earlier failing XB-35 prop bomber, now the Flying wing was
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The YB-49.

propelled by four jet engines replacing the props. This bomber was to serve after WWII, but eventually the Air Force decided to stay with the convetional piston design. When prototypes flew, flaws were found, and at a high cost, death at almost everyone who flew a YB-49. The Program was scrapped most likely due to the humongous budget or that it was far behind schedule, or both, the last aircraft was left for scrap. No matter how bad it failed it was a brave design, to do what none other has done and it even provided the design for the modern B-2 flying wing stealth bomber!

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The B-2 bomber notice similar shapes.