The C-9 standard version before flight.

45th largest aircraft: The C-9 Nightingale was built and designed by Mcdonell Douglas and serves mainly as aeromedical evacuation and troop transport, and is also called the "Skytrain".


The C-9 nightingale is a large military transport based off the C-9 airliners but is slightly stretched and can go at a faster speed, as well as more room for cargo and troops. The Nightingale is used mainly by the U.S. air force as a flying hospital or to transport a large amount of troops and cargo, making it a very strategic aircraft. First designed in 1966, it was decomissioned in 2005, and was replaced by the C-40 transport, but C-9's still serve in Kuwait. Near it's peak in active service it flew overseas to counter missile threats and served as a research plane at NASA. Most have gone for scrap or have been converted to museum peices, but the C-9 still exists and holds good spot in the TOP 50  aircraft and also has an excellent record.

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C-9 in flight.


Men checking the roomy interior of the C-9 for faults.


Troops loading into the Skytrain.


The U.S.A. Nightingale.


The civilian version of the C-9, the DC-9.