The Globemaster I was built by Douglas aeronautics and would lead to the 2nd and 3rd variations. It was built as a 1960s vietnam startegic heavy airlifter. None still serve but they paved the way for its direct descendants across the branches that still do.

Description Edit

In 1945, the Globemaster I was officially designed in 1941 after the pearl Harbor attacks but was built too late to see an effect on the war, and flew in 1946. It served until 1970, used during the Vietnam and Cold war conflicts. The C-74 was produced at the number of 17, very few, but they soon went into production and suprisingly served for 25 years, much longer than expected. The main refeal for the USAF was that the C-74 brought one of America's first long-range heavy lifter and was used largely in crossing seas and oceans. It served a long career and was active in missions including the Berlin Airlift, and Korean war. When the few aircraft that where left experienced maintenance problems, though the aircraft served well until then. The Globemaster I could carry up to 125 troops or 48,150 Ib of cargo, could fly to up to 328 MPH, fly to 21,300 feet high and the range was 3,400 miles, a good distance especially for the 40s and 50s. Now all C-74 have been melted down as of 1981, the last was operated by Cuba.

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Photos Edit


On the ground


The last C-74, being operated by a Cuban domestic airliner.


A front view of a long retired Civilian operated C-74 airlifter.


In flight.