America's Second largest aircraft is the C-5 Galaxy or "Graceful Giant" ,was built in Georgia, USA, with now a humongous 131 built! The C-5 Galaxy by Lockheed is the 7th largest aircraft and one of the largest military Strategic Airlifters. The C-5 is expected to continue serving for many years into the 21st century.

Description Edit

The c-5 is a large Long range Strategic airlifter built by Lockheed first in 1969 and operates around the world. It replaced the C-141 Starlifter. The company suffered from financial difficulties from the Aircraft but the aircraft came through with success as the USAF needed a huge airlifter. They have been used in Vietnam,Uzbekistan and Iraq and has saved hundreds of lives assisting in humanitarian aid and disaster releif. One was even used to support the NASA space shuttle transportation. Continuing the High wing design, the C-5 is still in service though it has not been produced since 1989. The C-5 Heavy Logistics program continued through the 90s as the C-5 proved it's Awesome capabilities and was able to land in Antartica and the Artic and could drop airdrops and parartrooping. Able to carry 270,000 pounds of cargo and fly at 579 mph, the C-5 became the USAF's largest aircraft ever!

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Photos Edit


Loading in a truck

C5 1

A Galaxy ready to takeoff.

C5 2

A C-5 Galaxy crash that involved 78 orphans dying.

C5 5

The Graceful Giant flies over the Netherlands.

C5 4

The humongously amazing aircraft looms over an airfeild and is ready to take off.