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Lockheed's previous Goldern Girl, the C-141 Starlifter, makes 21st spot on the list. It is a 4 engined Turbojet startegic airlifter, one of the latest USAF retirements. The C-141 was built by Lockheed to replace the Boeing C-135 Stratolifters. Soon of course Lockheed redesigned the look if all future cargo planes, with this aircraft.

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In 1963, the C-141 flew for the first time and was produced up to 263 times until 1968, though the Starlifter served on after that for an amazing career as one of the most reliable airlifters. By 1968, many Starlifters went to the US air force, though 1 wen to NASA for research. The new swept back high level wing proved to be successful and was used on almost all military cargo planes since, and the jet engines where crucial, since the Army relied completely on Propeller cargo planes then. No civilian operated ones where built though the Army used it to full extent. In operational history the aircraft helped in operations Desert storm and deep freeze, yom kippur war, operation desert sheild, vietnam war, and several medical evacuations. The C-141 Starlifter could get up to 567 mph at it's max ceiling of 41,000 feet, and at the same time carry 60,000 pounds of load. The C-141 Starlifter was retired in 2006 sadly , one of America's best, was gone, replaced by the C-17 Globemaster III and the C-5 Galaxy. The C-141 served 40 years earning high ratings from pilots and commanders alike and was a leap forward for America's Strategic airlift command!

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St 1

The C-141 was retired in 2006.

S 4

Ready to fly


Loading troops in the Vietnam war






Loading a Humvee into the rear compartment.


The C-141's secondary role was paratrooping drops!