The C-124 earning the 24th spot on our list, is the second Globemaster incarnation after the C-74 Globemaster I. The aircraft served as a well known strategic airlifter for the Vietnam war. Also nicknamed "Old Shaky" for its 4 loud turboprop engines.

Description Edit

Designed and first built in 1950, the C-124 was built to provide an even bigger strategic airlifter. The C-124 was designed by Douglas and built from 1950 to 1955 and served until 1974, but still serves limitedly as civilian cargo lifters as 9 survive, unlike its unlucky predecessor. The C-124 was issued into the USAF and over 480 where built, and several flew in the Georgia Air National Guard. The C-124 was huge and had 2 cargo decks able to carry 68,500 Ib of cargo and over 180 troops. A few versions where made including a tanker and observation variant. The Globemaster II could accelerate to 304 mph, it had a range of 6,281 miles, and could operate at up to 21,000 feet above earth, a true pioneering strategic airlifter.

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Photos Edit

124 1

In flight


A C-124 with bay doors open to allow a truck to ease in.

124 e

A survivor

124 5

Another survivor at an Air museum.

124 cargo

The C-124 cargo bay.