The C-121 in flight.

40th largest aircraft:   The C-121 Constellation is a military transport version of the Constellation airliner and served until 1993 in multiple feilds.

Description Edit

The C-121 Constellation was a modified Constellation airliner which became very popular, the C-121 was first designed in 1948 and quickly entered military service. These aircraft were some of the best running and fastest prop transport aircraft of the time, so the armed services picked them up quickly, and soon the Marines and the U.S. Navy both had orders for the transport. The C-121 served for over 46 years encountering several engine problems, all which were fixed, and 14 variants that served in the Armed forces. Now many C-121's are museum peices or airshow performers, but some museums like Tucson, allow you to walk into this amazing aircraft, and see the conviently put seats and clamps and the features that caught the eyes of pilots and Commanders, such as the four new prop engines and the graceful shape. The C-121 Constellation will keep flying for years, and a second Constellation model is likely.

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Airliner 1940

A civilian operator of the C-121.

Constellation 1941

A U.S. Air Force maritime Constellation.


Blue Angels C-121.