British 777

The Boeing 777 is the 11th largest aircraft and part of Boeing's 707-797 series. The Boeing 777 was introduced in 1994 and has flown constantly since. The 77 has also become many airlines major flagship since 2000.

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The 777 is the World's largest twin-jet and one of the largest wide body airliners. The aircraft can hold up to 451 passengersn and over 1,300 have been built and almost none have been retired, a record! The 777 has also received more orders than any other wide body Airliner. Among the Boeing 737 and Boeing 747, the 777 ranks as one of the company's best selling Airliners unlike it's predessecor the Boeing 767. The 777 was originally going to be a trijet design in the 1970s but that went to the Boeing 727 and it was soon fitted with powerful twin GE90 engines. Soon longer range models where made and production updates where made. The 777's interior is known by Boeing as it's signature best and the Aircraft's capabilities on the outside AND and inside, have been awarded. Several variants exist now including the 777X and a cargo variant. The 777 has recently one the Wide-body race agains Airbus and is now a best seller among Delta, American Airlines, and many more. 2 famous incidents with Malaysia Airlines included a Boeing 777, including the Flight 370 disappearance and the flight 17 that was shot down by Ukrainian missiles. The top speed is a stable 590 mph and the range is 9,631 miles. The 777 paves the way for a more innovative and reliable airliner and still sets the standards now and most likely will for the next 2 decades.


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Us 1

American Airways 777 at takeoff


A Transaero 777


A 777 boarding

Interior 101

The 777 interior


The Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines flight 370 that dissapeared over the Indian in Summer 2014.


Malaysia flight 17, 777 crash