A Lauda 767.

The Boeing 767, the second largest of Boeing's 707-797 series is a widebody Twin-engined jet airliner built for International travel. Designed in 1981.

Description Edit

The 767 is very conventional with twin engines, conventional tail and a wide body configuration. It was a new entry to airline travel though and made moderate success. over 1,050 aircraft have been built since 1982 and they still serve as fleet flagships on some occasions. The 767 is produced in 3 fuselage lengths all to fit the needs of the many sizes of Airlines, but the largest one which we feature here can hold 350 passengers and transport them at a max speed of 567 mph. The 767 is the first wide body airliner to get over 1,000 orders which is notable and they have gone through several upgrades to keep up with the times. production and testing was smooth and easy and the airlines took them quickly and they where used and still are used, to transport people across oceans as well as several freight adaptions for Fedex and UPS. Innovations like, glass cockpit, TVs and Economic seats helped the 767 earn a good title. The Boeing may not be the biggest, the fastest, or the most comfortable, but they do help many companies.

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Photos Edit


Malaysia Airlines 767

767 n3

Transaero 767 at take off


LOT 767 crash dew to landing gear failure.

767 4

TAM 767

767 5

The 767 test aircraft in flight.


A Freight UPS 767.