The Boeing 747, possibly one of the most legendary airliners of all time. Designed in 1968 as a request for a twin aisle Jet was made, the 747 has since been in production with over 1,500 massive planes built. The 747 has since became as Icon of not just air travel, but travel in general. It starts the countdown for 10 largest aircraft of all time.

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The Boeing 747 has served in the passenger and cargo role since the 60s and has become quite common and also became the Boeing Flagship aircraft and has just gained a record of 47 years of reliable service to world wide airlines. The 747's best features are a double deck configuration, a bar, and lounge! The Boeing 747 was powered by 4 pratt and whitney jets which got it to 614 mph and to a range of 9,300 miles and able to cross the Pacific Ocean and the strong fuselage can carry up to 605 passengers. The Boeing 747 has a smart swept wing design and is used with almost the original design because it was so effective. The 747 still serves in almost every country and even plays a small role in militaries and one of the signature roles, is the use as the primary Air force One aircraft transporting the US Presidents since the 70s to meetings, negotiations, and speeches. The Boeing 747 has since proven itself in almost every feild and still is, maybe you've been on one one day or another, they are very large,reliable,fast and comfortable for passengers and is expected to serve for over 50 more years.

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Photos Edit


A Jade Cargo 747

747 3

A US 747 used by NASA to carry the Space Shuttle.

747 2

An Air Pacific 747

747 5

A lufthansa British 747 in flight

747 6

Boeing's 747

747 7

The 747 cargo variant loading.

747 8

A colorful Pokemon ANA 747.

747 84

A comfortable interior of the 747.

747 9

A 70s picture of the lounge and bar in the upper deck!

747 10

The 747 Original test aircraft.

Air force one 99

The US president's Air Force One 747, a figure of American aviation since the 1970s.

747 89

An Oceanic Airlines 747 seen in the 1996 movie Executive Decision.