A colorful Southwest airlines 737.

37th largest aircraft:  The Boeing 737 was a popular airliner that served airlines all over the world and has flown over every continent and has served in special missions as well.


The 737 was designed by Boeing to make a standard, practical airliner, and turned out to be a success mostly do to the reliable, fast and short, low cost design which also brought under the wing twin-engined airliners into popularity with airlines. The 737 is the best selling jet airliner of all time with over 7,500 delivered and thousands more being made, the 737 has no ending in sight. The 737 first flew in 1967 and has changed much since, including new engines, new hardware, reshaped wings, new insides, and some small exterior tweeks which have only made it a better aircraft. Also the 737 has made some legendary feats such as 1,550 in the air at any time and 2 taking off or landing every 5 seconds and is always in fast continuos production!  The Boeing 737's reliability and overall simplicity have helped it become a part of the world's best airlines, but things it is less well known for are special missions which include being the NASA "Vomit Comet" to train astronauts, a transport aircraft, a business jet, and an antarctic landing research and evacuation aircraft! Now the legendary 737 serves with almost all national and international airline fleets in America and the world and has improved with new cockpits and engines, and the Boeing 737's sales are still going up because this aircraft is expected to serve for at least another 20 years and a successor might even replace it!

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737 1

Alaska airlines 737 in flight.

737 2

Sriwijaya air 737 ready to fly.

737 4

An original 737 Lufthansa airlines.

737 5

Southwest airlines 737 on the ground.

737 6

The first 737 for testing.

737 7

An Alaska airlines Disney 737.

737 8

Mistral air 737 fueling.

737 9

737 setting off for another journey.

737 America

The U.S diplomatic 737 can serve as a substitute for Air force one!

737 arctic

Antarctic 737 landing.

737 NASA

The NASA 737

Boeing S7

A S7 Air 737 ready to fly.