The Boeing is a Wide body 3 engined airliner common in the 60s,70s, and 80s. It is not in mass production now, though you can find a few operating.

Description Edit

It is Boeing's only trijet aircraft and one of the most famous T-tail airliners. The 727 Can carry 189 passengers up to 2,800 miles and where upgraded several times. The 727, unlike the Boeing 707, was built for domestic transport, though some serve in international airlines. The 727 was designed in 1959 with a joint venture with De Havilland, and the design was successful as 1,900 727s where built until 1984.The 727 also holds the record of the loudest commercial airliner so hush kits where installed in the 70s. The 727 may be a little less known between the Boeing 707-797 line, it still had an impact on the world.

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Photos Edit

727 1

Front view

727 2

A Lufthansia European 727

727 3

the Boeing 727 testing plane

727 4

Fedex 727

727 inside

The Interior