A P-36 survivor

The B-36 Peacemaker was a Strategic bomber capable of dropping nuclear and atomic payloads, and was very state of the art with it's combo of Prop and jet engines.

Description Edit

Built by Convair In response to the success of the Atomic bomb at Hiroshima, the B-36 was a breakthrough in Avionics tech. It had the longest wingspan of any combat aircraft at 230 feet. They where produced between 1949 and 1954 and served until 1959. It was the first bomber that could fly intercontinental without refueling and proved crucial to research. Besides a nuclear payload, the Convair P-36 could carry conventional carpet bombing loads and the aircaft was used in the Korean war to a good effect. It was explained as having a huge exterior and interior and was like flying a house. Soon enough, jet powered B-52 Stratofortresses replaced the aging P-36, though the weird combo Peacemaker sure left it's mark in the USAF. The P-36 could fly at up to 418 mph and carry up to 86,000 pounds of explosives.

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Photos Edit

36 r

Front view


A P-36 Peacemaker in service in the 50s.

36 t

The underbelly.

36 fg

A Peacemaker Over a river.