Bomber plane

A B-29 named FIFI in take off.

39th largest aircraft:  The B-29 Superfortress was a WWII era bomber plane built by Boeing and was known as the most remarkable bomber ever built and was increasingly popular with many pilots as well.


The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was a four propeller engine heavy bomber for the U.S. Air Force and accomplished many feats during it's long service. The B-29 was armed to the teeth with over eight machine gun turrets, one of which was remotely controlled, a new feature, and could deliver a huge payload of bombs on it's target. A few B-29's were shot down during and after WWII but mostly the aircraft avoided being destroyed by the war like many other aircraft did and many survive today. Manufacturing the B-29 was hard thing because it was such a large aircraft and had to be made in somewhat large numbers, at least the Superfortress didn't encounter many problems in development, and quickly the aircraft caught the eyes of the Air Force which needed a new heavy bomber to replace the aging fleet. After successful service in WWII  a B-29 called the "Enola Gay" delivered the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the war of wars. The B-29 didn't end when WWII did though, it was upgraded and served in the Korean war and reduced huge industrial plants to piles of rocks and was also famous for destroying many large bridges in Korea. Soon considered obsolete due to new jet bombers taking to the skies the B-29 gradually was decommisioned, but it didn't end now either. Civilian versions include firefighting, air refueling, pilot training, weather reconnaisance, and the last few service flights were made with NASA, a truely remarkable career.  After the War the Soviets copied the B-29 and designed the Tupolev TU-4  and the TU-70 transport which served very successful careers but not close to the legendary one of the B-29 Superfortress. It still serves as museum peices world wide and as air show performers to demonstrate the remarkable aircraft and how well it can fly!

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Photos and Nose artEdit

Art plane

an artist's concept of a B-29 bombing run.

Enola gay nose art

The B-29 Enola gay nose art.


The B-29 FIFI in flight.

Sentimental journey

The B-29 Sentimental Journey nose art.


The B-29 jack's hack nose art.


The B-29 Bockscar nose art.