The 4-engined B-1 and B-1B lancer is a Supersonic bomber designed for the USAF in the desert storm and vietnam campaigns. In 1962 the first B-1 was designed and flown successfully, the start of the supersonic age of penetrator bombers.

Description Edit

the B-1 Lancer built by Rockwell engineering, was a penetrator bomber built to destroy enemy camps and outposts miles before the bomber is in danger from AA cannons or Fighters. The largest and most well known variant, the B-1B entered service in 1983 and became the USAF's most prized bomber aircraft throughout the 90s. It was also originally built to replace the B-52 Stratofortress, but soon the Army realized the two bombers needed to work together. In the Gulf War the B-1B truly proved itself and became a well known bomber, and still serves today in small numbers even though production stopped in 1988. Like many 70s aircraft the B-1B had swept wings and sucked in a lot of Jet fuel to power it, but it was all worth it. The B-1A, b-1B, and B-1R are suspected to serve up until 2020. The newest B-1s can carry up to 126,000 pounds of bombs, fly up to mach 2+ and can fly at an astounding 60,000 foot service ceiling. Now several aircraft still serve in the US air force.

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Photos Edit

B-1 2

A b-1 carpet bombing over Iraq, the B-1 also served in the conventional role.

B-2 m4

The very rare Lancer formation.

B-1 n3

Wings swept into forward position.

B-1 6

Forward swept wings.

B-1 5

The Magnificent B-1 Lancer take off.

B-1 lancer

A B-1 ready for flight.