Inspired by the Boeing KC-97 Stratofreighter Super Guppy, the Airbus Beluga (AKA:800ST),is a large Airbus A321 modded to carry huge amounts of freight. Lately it has adopted the name "Beluga" dew to its white paint job and huge curving shape.

Description Edit

The program started in 1970 after the C-97 super guppy needed a replacement with jet engines. In 1991 it was officially designed and produced for commercial lifts, the air forces, and NASA. The large bulge allows room for cargo loads larger than many russian and american military strategic airlifters and proved a stable and incredibly successful flier. Since its service beginning the Beluga has carried everything from fully dissasembled aircraft, trains, semi trucks, battle tanks, and freight containers. One beluga variant even was equipped with rocket take off boosters. The Beluga is expected to serve until 2060 or 2070, as the aircraft has yet to access its true potential. It can carry 155 tons of cargo, and all with just two people on board, something the world will greatly benefit from in years to come.

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Photos Edit

Beluga 2

A Beluga Super transporter "swallowing" an airplane fuselage.

Beluga 3

A super transporter landing.

Eluga 4

A beluga suprisingly gracefully in flight.

BelugA 5

A Stunt formation with an Airbus A600ST Beluga Super transporter.

Beluga plot

A gallery of the Beluga's amazing capabilities.