The 4th largest aircraft and the largest airliner ever built, the Airbus A380 is Airbus's true flagship! The A380 has double deck and goes up against the Boeing 747 and claims the unofficial title of Europe's best airliner. The A380 is an amazing aircraft as long as a skyscraper and is a true giant. The A380 is also the newest aircraft on this list.

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This huge 4 engined airliner is Europe's finest and leads the wide body market behind Boeing and was designed in 2005 and has since continued to serve in many airlines as 147 have been built, an astounding number. The A380 is wide body and long range and includes a bar, lounge, seperate cargo bay and a cabin able to house 853 people all with only 20 people to manage flights, some even have beds for Passengers!!!!. The Huge sections have to be transported on trains or Airbus Super Transporters it's so big, and even then, in sections. The A380 needs no assistance to take off and has very powerful engines and smart design, and the aircraft is 587 mph at max, even with all it's weight. Only 1 problem has been reported from it and the aircraft is very successful and hopefully will serve until the late 2040s.

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Photos Edit

380 2

Thai airlines A380

380 1

Singapore A380

380 4

America has some, this is operated by Delta.

380 5

The cutway shows the interior layout of the A380 to scale.

380 7

An A380's on board beds.