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The An-225 is the Largest conventional aircraft,not the largest flying vehicle (Aircraft), but it is still huge and puts Russia in a nutshell. The massive aircraft serves in cargo, and space transport roles, though only 1 is built so far.

Description Edit

Also known as the Mryia, the Cossak is the heaviest, largest aircraft ever built and is huge at a length of 275 feet. The Cossak is strategic airlifting's king can carry up to 418,891 pounds with six engines. The initial task in Soviet Russia was to support the Buran Russian space shuttle in 1988 and has since been repurposed for Antonov Airlines in Ukraine as a civilian role. The Cossak is still serving and replaced the VM-T Atlant. The An-225 has 17 wheels per rear landing gear row and has 2 sets of front landing gear and have had zero accidents. The An-225 is one of the most well known cargo aircraft and set a role model for hundreds of companies, and with that, the race to beat the Cossak begins! The Cossak can fly at up to 582 mph and up to 36,089 feet in the air.

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Photos Edit

6 engines

Showing off the 6 engines.

225 2

The An-225's Soviet air force Paint job.


With the Buran Shuttle on top.

225 4

The long fuselage.

225 5

The An-225 in Antonov Airlines paintjob.

225 y

Loading with a deployable ramp.


From the half way point inside the bottom level of the Cargo bay.