The AN-225 the largest aircraft in the world...

This is were it is all centered... this is were all 50 largest aircraft are listed. This list includes dirigibles and helicopters.

Note: some aircraft may be larger or longer but do not weigh as much as a lower one, and some aircraft may not be as long as a lower one, but it is larger in OVERALL size, and the weight is usually larger. Also... points that arn't links are articles waiting to be made. Mostly the ranking are made based on overall size. not individually weight and length. Also the top 3 spots all have 1st.

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1 (1).Hindenburg Length:804.01' Weight:484,400 Ib

1 (2).AN-225 Cossak length:275.7' Weight:1,322,444 Ib

1 (3).H-4 Hercules length:218.6' weight:400,000 Ib

2.Airbus A380 length:239.8' Weight:1,305,000 Ib

3.KM caspian seas monster length:239.3' weight:1,086,090 Ib

4.An-124 Ruslan length:226.85' Weight:892,872

5.C-5 Galaxy Length:247.10' Weight:840,000 Ib

6.MD-11 length:202' Weight:291,530'

7.Airbus A340 length:246.11' Weight:807,400 Ib

8.Boeing 747 Length:231.11' Weight:875,000 Ib
Size compare

(Click to enlarge) A comparison of the huge Hindenburg, the Boeing 747, the AN-225 cossak, the Airbus A380, and the H-4 Hercules. All of them on this list

9.Boeing 777 length:242.4' Weight:666,000 Ib

10.Ilyushin IL-96 length:209' Weight:269,383 Ib

11.B-36 Peacemaker length:162.1' Weight:410,000 Ib

12.Lun Ekranoplan length:240' Weight:882,900 Ib

13.Boeing 767 Length:201.4' Weight:450,000 Ib

14.TU-160 Blackjack length:181.7' Weight:606,261 Ib

15.KC-10 Extender length:181.7' Weight:590,000 Ib

16.C-17 Globemaster III length:173.11' Weight:585,000 Ib

17.C-133 Cargomaster length:157.6' Weight:286,000 Ib

18.Tu-95 Bear length:162.5' Weight:414,470 Ib

19. C-141 Starlifter length:168.5' weight:323,100 Ib
H-4 -2

The H-4 Hercules, the largest sea plane and the longest wing-span.

20.L-1101 Tristar length:177.8' Weight:241,700 Ib

21.IL-76 Candid length:152.10' weight:372,480 Ib

22.C-124 Globemaster II length:130.5' weight:216,000 Ib

23.XB-70 Valkerie length:189' weight:534,700 Ib

24.VM-T Atlant length:167.11' weight:166,980 Ib

25.Boeing 707 length:152.11' weight:333,600 Ib

26.C-74 Globemaster I length:142.5' weight:165,000 Ib
Not sci-fi

It may look science fiction but this beast is a real airplane called the Ekroplan.

27.E-3 Sentry length:150.4' Weight:347,000 Ib

28.B-1 Lancer length:146' weight:477,000 Ib

29.Beriev Albatross length:143' weight:189,565 Ib

30.Short Belfast length:136' weight:230,000 Ib

31.Airbus Super Transporter length:138.2' weight:341,721 Ib

32.KC-97 Stratofreighter length:117.5' weight:180,000 Ib

33.KC-135 Stratotanker length:136.5' weight:322,500 Ib

34.Boeing 727 length:153.2' weight:194,000 Ib

Some of the largest can be the weirdest. take HELIOS for example!

35.Airbus A321 length:146' weight:207,000 Ib

36.Boeing 737 length:138'2" weight:174,200 Ib

37.TU-22M Backfire length:139'4" weight:278,660 Ib

38.B-2 Spirit length:69' weight:376,600 Ib

39.B-29 Superfortress length:99' weight:105,000 Ib

40.C-121 Constellation length:116.2' weight:133,000 Ib

41.C-130 Hercules length:97.9'weight:155,000

42. flying wing 2 (both flying wings are only centimeters difference.)length:53.1' weight:213,500 Ib

42.flying wing 1 length:53.1'  weight:103,484 Ib

43.TU-16 Badger   length:114.2' weight:165,350 Ib

44.MI-26 Halo  length: 110.8' weight: 123,451 Ib

45.C-9 Skytrain length:119.3' weight:108,00 Ib

46.Kawasaki C-1 length:95.1' weight:85,100 Ib

47. U-2 Dragon lady length:65.0' weight:40,000 (larger in OVERALL size.)

48.SR-71 Black bird length:107.4' weight:140,000 Ib

49.RQ-4 Global Hawk length:44.9' weight:25,600 Ib

50.Proteus length:56.3' weight:15,800 Ib